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TV Campaign Spending Using Advanced Data Grows 60% in Q3

Advertisers are increasing their investment in advanced TV ad spending, notes video advertising technology company Videology in its Q3 2017 U.S. TV and Video Market at-a-Glance report. It finds that during the first three quarters of this year, spending on TV campaigns on the Videology platform that used advanced data grew by 60 percent year-over-year.

advanced data across screensWhen targeting linear TV viewers, advertisers generally use second- or third party data: Only 17 percent of campaigns used first data for targeting from the beginning of 2016 through the third quarter. However, that number is rising rapidly, as the number of campaigns relying on first-party data doubled from 2016 to 2017, and quintupled from 2015 to 2017.

As viewers have shifted to connected TV viewing, Videology has seen greatly increased requests for connected TV ads. Comparing CTV ad requests from 2015 to 2017, Videology sees an increase in over 200 percent. The product categories spending the most on advanced TV advertising are pharmaceuticals, travel, and consumer packaged goods (CPG).

Buyers are getting the message that viewability shouldn't be their leading objective, as only 38 percent of advanced TV buyers listed it as their primary goal. When evaluating viewability, 73 percent of advertisers are content to go with the Media Rating Council (MRC) standard, which considers a video ad viewable if half its pixels are on the screen for two consecutive seconds.

On campaigns streamed by the Videology platform, over 96 percent ran across screens, and 60 percent of those included connected TV placement.

"Advanced linear TV and connected TV offer advertisers a wealth of opportunities for increased targeting and more accurate measurement," says Mark McKee, executive vice president of marketing and sales, North America, for Videology. "It's no surprise that we're continuing to see these channels grow in our platform, and we don't expect them to slow down anytime soon."

For more advanced data results, view the full report for free (no registration required).

Troy Dreier's article first appeared on OnlineVideo.net

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