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Brightcove: Social Media Trumps Search for Viewer Engagement

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Site owners trying to attract eyeballs for their online videos quickly learn that standard search engines fall short in indexing video. During a Streaming Media West panel entitled "Driving Video Views & Engagement with SEO & Social Media," a Brightcove exec said that he sees this problem improving over time.

"I think in general, the technology that is used to present a video experience is fundamentally different than text, so I think a lot of times the search engines have grappled with that. I think they're getting better at it, of course, but as implementers and publishers of video, what a lot of our customers are doing is trying to find work-arounds and ways to actually make their video implementation and the video experiences they're providing on their web properties and their mobile experiences more search-friendly, and that definitely can be done," said Gregg LaRoche, director of product marketing for Brightcove.

"There are a lot of techniques that can be used to make the videos more search-friendly and more discoverable in terms of the implementation. But again, the background to that is we hope also at the same time that the search engines themselves are getting smarter and better at finding and categorizing and ranking video experiences, also. So I think in the end, it's all good news. I think there are ways you can do it properly in a way that's very discoverable, but also at the same time that the search engines will get there, LaRoche noted.

Referring to a recently published Brightcove study, LaRoche pointed out that social media referrals lead to more engaged views, although that's not the whole story.

"I think the most telling statistic from that whole group is the length of engagement that's observed from videos that are referred through social media," said LaRoche. "If you get a referral from someone within your trusted network, of course you're going to watch that video on average longer or through completion, which is, ideally, what you want for driving more engagement with your content. So, social media becomes very important in that way."

Text searches lead to higher traffic overall, yet social networking provides more bang-for-the-buck, he added.

To view the entire panel discussion, scroll down.

Driving Video Views & Engagement With SEO & Social Media

Thanks to social media platforms and search engine optimization, a tremendous opportunity exists in building new audiences and driving views via outside channels. In this session, speakers present and discuss the case for social video and video SEO. Additionally, panelists showcase real-life examples and case studies as well as provide expert guidance in terms of both planning for and implementing successful strategies and tactics to boost exposure and discover-ability.  

Moderator: Mark Robertson, Founder, ReelSEO.com

Speaker: Josh Warner, Founder, CEO, Feed Company

Speaker: Patrick Starzan, VP, Marketing and Distribution, Funny or Die

Speaker: Gregg LaRoche, Director, Product Marketing, Brightcove

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