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BitTorrent's P2P Live Streaming: A Video First Look

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What if serving and receiving live video streams could be as simple and cost-effective as exchanging files with BitTorrent? Soon it will be. 

Bram Cohen, BitTorrent's creator and chief scientist, has been working on a peer-to-peer live streaming solution for many months, and it's almost ready for consumers.

We sat down with Cohen and the BitTorrent executive team at the company's suite at the Palazzo Las Vegas during the recent Consumer Electronics Show. While much of the meeting focused on Project Chrysalis, which will grow BitTorrent from a file exchange service to a complete home entertainment platform, Cohen was happy to show off his work.

The P2P live solution offers streams with approximately a six-second delay. View the first look video below to learn more about it.

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Tues., Feb. 27, by Geoff Daily