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Announcing the State of Streaming 2019 Survey: We Need Your Help

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How big is the streaming industry? Is live streaming growing or shrinking? And is the industry now cloud-based or still driven by on-premises workflows?

Those three questions are at the core of a survey being created by StreamingMedia.com, in association with Help Me Stream and Unisphere Research. 

Having been part of the streaming industry for almost 21 years, I’ve been involved in many discussions asking just how big the industry really is—measuring audience sizes and total revenue—but no one has undertaken a definitive census of the industry.

It’s understandable why there was hesitancy to measure the size of the industry. In the early days, when everyone claimed live streams in the millions to justify advertising and CPM rates, there was a tentativeness to use analytics to measure audience sizes.

We got past that, and viewing rates for streaming—the survey uses the terms "streaming," "streaming media," and "over-the-top (OTT)" interchangeably—are now in the millions. But do we have skewed perceptions around the number of simultaneous viewers, or is video on-demand (VOD) growing faster than live event and live-linear streaming, making live streaming irrelevant except as a second-screen experience?

The anonymous 28-question survey on the state of the streaming media industry aims to bring clarity to those issues, from the perspective of content providers, content distributors, and professional industry experts in the trenches working every day to deliver a quality streaming experience.

We need your perspective during this first-annual State of Streaming survey to flesh out the answer as thoroughly as possible. The survey takes less than 20 minutes to complete, and we need survey respondents from across the globe to not only gauge the current state of the industry but also to prepare for future versions of the survey.

For your trouble, you will receive an advance copy of the report created from the survey responses.

And there are prizes!

If you complete the survey by September 23, 2019, and provide your email address, you will be entered into a drawing to win one of two Amazon Echo Show units! Two participants will be chosen at random to select our winners.

Data from this survey will be used in aggregate form, and individual respondents will not be identified by name or organization. Your email address will only be used to deliver the advance copy of the report, for the drawing, and for prize notification.

Your opinion matters to us, and it’s critical in understanding how big the streaming industry truly is, both in revenue and viewership. Thanks in advance for your contribution!

Please take the 2019 State of Streaming Survey!

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