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Adobe Outlines Multi-screen Delivery Options for Publishers

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"The world is changing so quickly, that it's really hard for a standard to keep up. So when we introduce new protocol delivery or new codecs or new content protection inside the Flash player, we can effectively bring that new technology to at least 50 percent of the market within three months," said Kevin Towes, product manager for Flash at Adobe, speaking at a red carpet interview at Streaming Media East. "There's not many technologies that can make that claim."

Towes was interviewed in advance of his SME presentation "Simplifying Video Publishing to the Multi-Device Landscape." His talk would focus on multi-screen delivery, he said, peeling back the shiny exterior and showing what publishers need to do to publish to a mixed user base that includes both Flash and Apple iOS devices.

Building on the Apple streaming that Adobe previewed at the NAB conference in April, Towes promised to give a sneak peak at the upcoming Flash Media Server, which will offer multicast, peer-to-peer, and HLS (HTTP Live Streaming).

In the interview, Towes also addressed online video ad formats, and hailed the current period of rapid experimentation.

"I think it's really exciting to see how many different things that people are trying. It's those that are engaging people with touch tablets, with touch screen, and just immersing into that ad is really compelling," said Towes.

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