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5 Common Video Marketing Mistakes — and What to Do About Them

Is your company's video marketing strategy doing all that it can to spread product awareness and pull in customers. To help you out, Brightcove senior marketing director Courtney Pierce created a video highlighting the top five mistakes video marketers make.

1. Not Thinking Like a TV Channel

While you're trying to sell products, your videos still need to be entertaining. "Companies like Red Bull, Boeing, Bank of America, and ExactTarget are investing in original video content to capture and convert site visitors into customers," Pierce says. That investment pays off when people choose to watch and share your company's videos.

2. Underestimating Mobile Devices

While most video viewing is done on desktops, mobile viewing is increasing at a rapid rate. Desktop viewing grew 30 percent year-over-year, Pierce says, while mobile viewing grew 330 percent year-over-year. Make sure you have a mobile strategy in place.

3. Forgetting What Happens Next

Always include calls-to-action to tell viewers what to do after watching your video. Your call might tell them to:

  • Download a trial

  • Contact your sales team

  • Get more information

  • Add a product to a shopping cart

4. Creating a Video Platform Island

Does your company's video platform stand alone, or does it integrate with other technologies you're using?

5. Using the Wrong Tools for the Job

Is your video player giving site visitors a sub-par experience? "You wouldn't want to send your sales rep on a sales call wearing an old t-shirt and sweat pants," Pierce says. This is a shot at YouTube and other free video hosting sites. You get what you pay for, Brightcove is suggesting.

Watch the full marketing mistakes video below.

Troy Dreier's article first appeared on OnlineVideo.net

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