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Video: How to Apply Real-Time Cloud-Based Graphics with the LiveU Solo

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Sebastian Alvarez-Ring: Right now I have the LiveU Solo that's connected up to our friend's camera here via HDMI. And I have it on a T-Mobile and a Verizon cell card and it's online. So I'm able now to go to the portal and configure it, and I could easily set up any kind of stream that want to send it. We could send it to YouTube, Facebook, or any CDN or RTMP that you want to send it to if it's your own personal Facebook.

So these options are here: Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, Switchboard Live, Twitch, and Wowza are our one-touch partners. So we work with their APIs so we could quickly link to your accounts with them. We also have profiles for other streaming destinations and we also have the generic RTMP here for, say, your own website so you could always set it up that way as well.

I'm just going to go to a quick Facebook page, to a new post. I'm going to say, "Live from New York, it's Tuesday afternoon." And we're going to go to my Facebook page and we're going to put it in a preview mode. We also have the options to put on graphics onto the page, so it's going to give me an option to pick a graphics template when it loads. So this is going to give me a bunch of templates I could pick for my graphics. I could pick one of any kind of pre-made templates or I could pick one I've already created from a saved playlist so I'll pick that one.

This is all done in the web. So this is all in the cloud. You could access this portal from any web-enabled device. So you could be anywhere in the world separate from the device. And you could do out in the field with it or you could have someone controlling the device at your production head to do this.

We are good to go and I'm just going to go ahead and start the unit up. So it'll start to build the graphics engine and then it'll start the encoder.

There we go, now we're started. Now you start to see the bandwidth on the unit climb and actually start to stream here. Now we could actually go to our Facebook page. We'll make the post live because we put it in preview. We'll let it climb up so we know the stream is solid and now we can take it out of the preview from the Facebook server showing up here. So you make that post live.

It's quick and easy to get to Facebook as you can see. It's just a quick one-two-three and we're there. Now I could go in here and turn on my graphics, and this is our graphics control portal. So this is all Cloud-based as well. It comes in from the solo portal to the graphics portal. The graphics will load these HTML graphics on top of your stream and then send it along to Facebook or wherever you're sending your video.

We have plenty of options here. We could come in here and edit them. Let me zoom out real quick because you can't see everything. You're able to click on one of these graphics and come in and edit them on the fly. You have a baseline crawl, you could see a preview of what the graphics is going to be like here, logo color and the quick upper-right thing. When we're ready to take the graphics we just hit the play button on whatever graphic we want to take in. So we'll do that in the upper right, and then I'll put that on the stream.

There was a five-second delay with the unit to the portal, then Facebook does add its own delay, so we're probably going to see about 10-15 seconds delay. Ince they're ready the graphics will show up on the screen there.

You could edit and put your graphics on your stream just from the Cloud, just from a laptop or anywhere that you want to be. There are many options with it. As I said, you could build your own and have a whole list. I have two lists here. You could have them with duration if you want to put them up on time, you could have them loop and also just play through the playlist once you start it off. I'll put that on loop.

Now it's just going to go through the whole thing, looping through it as you see there. You could set your own time to these graphics and everything. You could change the color, you could change the texts, you have a lot of control. And then you could save the playlist for future shows.

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