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StreamS/Modulation Index, LLC
1249 S Diamond Bar Blvd
Suite 314

Diamond Bar CA 91765-4122

Phone: +1 909 860-6760 / +1 940 206-7702
Fax: +1 909 839-5995
Web site:

StreamS offers a full gamut of professional products and services for high quality audio streaming, such as audio playout systems, consumer player apps, and broadcast quality streaming audio encoders. Greg Ogonowski, StreamS/Modulation Index CEO, first brought the HE-ACC audio codec to Internet streaming while serving as the VP of New Product Development for Orban. Since their introduction, HE-AAC and the entire AAC family have led the way to high quality audio over the widest range of devices, displacing expensive MP3.

Product Description

StreamS Live Encoders are a complete line of streaming audio encoder software supporting legacy, ICY (SHOUTcast/Icecast), RTMP (Flash), and HLSdirect™. HLSdirect™ eliminates dependency on costly and often insecure media servers and dramatically reduces the cost of content distribution, leveraging less complex web or cloud storage servers to deliver live streams at lower cost while increasing reliability. Encoders are available for 1 or as many as 16 audio sources on one computer system.

StreamS Live Encoder Systems are media-optimized Microsoft® Windows10® embedded appliances that run StreamS Live Encoder software and other relevant applications, such as broadcast-quality Orban Optimod-PCn Audio Processing. Each appliance is optimized for the absolute best performance and reliability and allows other qualified content-provider-specific applications to be run on the same system, further reducing cost. These appliances are also the perfect upgrades and replacements for such other systems formerly provided by Inlet/Cisco.

StreamS PAD::bridge™ is a full-featured Program-Associated-Data bridge application that allows playout system Now Playing information to be reformatted and scheduled for streaming metadata. Additional insertion schedules are available for revenue generation. It pays to PADvertise™.

StreamS IODigi2 is a simple AES digital to USB I/O device for both Windows and Mac. No special driver is required. It is the quickest and simplest way to get digital audio in and out of a computer system. It can also be used as a test instrument, providing an audio signal generator and recorder with the appropriate software.

StreamS TickTockNetClock™ is a PTP Grandmaster/NTP Time server used as a network audio media clock.

Orban Optimod-PCn is a professional broadcast-quality audio processor software application that automatically controls levels, creates audio consistency, and provides peak control to prevent encoder overdrive and distortion. This allows your streams to stand out and keep your audience coming back. It is also a very effective tool for production and mastering to prepare on-demand content. It is available in both stereo and surround versions.

The StreamS HTML5 Audio Player is available as a free download to users of StreamS HLSdirect™ encoders. It can be customized for your stream.

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