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Sponsored By: Verizon Digital Media Services

Broadcasters who have successfully evolved into online video service providers have had to transform themselves three times over. The first wave of streaming video focused on how to deliver online; the second wave involved how to deliver quality of experience online. Now, we are experiencing the third wave of streaming video, focusing on how to personalize experiences for every viewer on every device. Knowing how to deliver 1 to 1 experiences at scale is the only way to compete in this rapidly evolving digital world. So what do you need? 1 to 1 session management and an end-to-end online video service platform provider.

Introducing Smartplay by Verizon, our 1 to 1 session management technology.

Sponsored By: IBM Cloud Video

Before you launch or upgrade your online video strategy, make sure to understand the critical distinctions between me-too video providers and experienced experts who can bring global scale and peace of mind to your premium video business. Download the first entry in IBM Cloud Video’s OTT Success Series to discover:

  • Common pitfalls in the OTT 2.0 environment
  • Critical considerations that can mean the difference between scalable success and an embarrassing false start
  • How the right provider can help you master multiscreen delivery, drive subscriber growth and reduce churn

Sponsored By: Haivison

Video latency can have a huge impact on how viewers experience live video. Consumers that watch their favorite sporting event online can learn what happens on social media before they see it live. Talk about spoilers! Broadcasting live video to consumers using the public internet can contribute to latency levels that exceed several minutes – severely compromising the viewing experience. 

In this white paper, we'll examine key factors and challenges to consider when delivering video using the public internet, including: 

  • Encoding, Decoding and Transport 
  • Segmented Streaming 
  • Packet Retransmission 
  • Forward Error Correction (FEC) 
  • SRT (Secure, Reliable Transport)

Sponsored By: Harmonic

Looking for exceptional video quality and bandwidth efficiency? The PURE Compression Engine represents the latest advances in video encoding and transcoding for broadcast and OTT delivery today, and paves the way for next-generation services such as UHD and 360° Virtual Reality video while reducing your organization’s CAPEX and OPEX. It also helps you manage the transition from SDI to all-IP and cloud infrastructure, allowing your company to step from the headend into the data center whenever it’s ready.

Sponsored By: Tulix

Effectively monetizing streamed media is one of the biggest challenges facing content providers today. It’s clear that streaming will continue its meteoric rise as one of the primary means of content consumption, and content owners are now asking themselves how, not whether, they should be executing an online video strategy. Content monetization plays an enormous role in this decision-making process, for just about all content providers, non-profit and for-profit alike.