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This 2015 Global Media Formats Report is an analysis of trends in video formats for web, mobile, broadcast, and OTT distribution. The report covers a data set that includes a massive volume from over 2000 media and entertainment customers. The report includes popularity rates and historic trends within the categories of video and audio codecs/containers, closed caption formats, the latest screen resolutions, adaptive bitrate technologies and DRM frameworks. The report aims to educate video content publishers and developers on the most popular formats and standards today; which ones are gaining popularity and should be considered, and what trends to expect.

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The Latest Chapter in a Competitive Marketplace 

Over-the-top (OTT) delivery of content has opened a new frontier of distribution as well as the floodgates of new competition.

While pay TV has long been a highly competitive marketplace in most developed nations, the push into the OTT space has heightened the competitive tension. Companies from throughout the video ecosystem as well as many non-traditional players are launching their own OTT services, each hoping to establish their position in the future of the video industry. 

This white paper addresses

  • Pay-TV provider strategies in addressing the OTT space
  • Entry of new players in the OTT service space: content producers, hardware, service providers
  • Changing consumer habits driving introduction of new OTT services
  • Factors/characteristics of successful OTT services