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ExpressPlay by Intertrust
920 Stewart Drive, Suite 100
Sunnyvale California 94085
United States

Phone: +1 408 616 1600
Fax: +1 408 616 1626
Web site:

ExpressPlay is the leading cloud DRM (Digital Rights Management) service for video, audio, eBooks and other digital media. ExpressPlay is a complete multi-DRM and device solution supporting all major DRMs and includes a license and device registration service, key storage service, and tamper-resistant client SDK for embedded, mobile and desktop platforms. It supports popular formats including MPEG-DASH, HLS, Smooth, MP4 and ePub with free setup and very affordable, pay-as-you-go pricing.

ExpressPlay is from Intertrust Technologies, a leading provider of transformative technologies in trusted computing, Internet security, and data privacy for a broad range of networked commerce and other applications.

Product Description

The ExpressPlay cloud DRM service supports Marlin, PlayReady, FairPlay, Widevine and Primetime DRMs as well as all media formats and codecs maintained by iOS, Android, and Silverlight technologies. It is also multi-device and works on mobile devices, laptops, consoles, connected TVs and other media consumption devices. Simple to use SDKs are available for device support and includes tamper resistance for iOS and Android apps.

ExpressPlay supports popular media distribution services, from live streaming and catch-up TV, to downloads, advertising, and subscription business models. It is also widely used for in-flight and in-vehicle entertainment

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