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The biggest challenges for streaming media distribution remain scalability and cost controls. The interactive wave that is building will introduce new rewards and with them, new hurdles. Users expect an experience of immediacy while a person-to-person digital interface places critical limitations on the processing and delivery of associated content. A live conversation in the Metaverse will simply not appeal if users have to stop and break the natural flow of a dialog. In parallel, security is of growing concern, and the inspection of traffic can compound existing processing delays.

A demo will show how purpose-built security can scale to meet the growing needs of on-demand today while providing a more fluid user experience for the real-time interactive content adventure of tomorrow.

Join us and our experts as we address industry barriers with streaming media on Thursday, September 29th - 11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET.

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John Jacobs
Field CISO
Scott Phelan
Client Partner
Hollie Choi
Executive Director
Steve Nathans-Kelly
VP & Editor-in-Chief
Streaming Media