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While the vast majority of streaming relies on just-in-time delivery of content, the actual content itself is often at a much higher quality—and, therefore, a much bigger file size—compared to streaming files. These larger master- and mezzanine-reference files (sometimes ranging in the hundreds of gigabytes or even terabytes) need to be moved among content owners, production houses, and OTT providers. This webinar reveals the results of a recently completed survey of the most popular types of file-based asset delivery—from the venerable FTP to cloud-storage solutions to accelerated file-delivery services—with real-world scenarios provided by more than 300 respondents.

In this webinar you'll learn:

-- How leading companies are navigating the complexities of today's media landscape—more partners, more storage locations, bigger files and new security risks
-- Survey results showing that many media companies are stuck on legacy technology like FTP—why this is bad for the industry and what you can do about it
-- How to meet the needs of all stakeholders with purpose-built file transfer solutions

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