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  NDI and the Streaming Workflow


NDI is making live producers everywhere rethink their workflows by enabling the use of high-quality, low-latency video on standard IP networks. It opens up all new kinds of possibilities for live stream producers from sports to worship to distance learning to conferences and other live events, using traditional camera gear or networked PTZ cams. It promises to liberate producers from miles of cables to each camera, and creates new opportunities for remote production from disparate locations as well. Join us for this engaging webinar and learn about cutting-edge NDI solutions and production strategies to help you streamline your live streaming workflow.

-- What new gear is required to get on the NDI bandwagon, and who is making it?
-- How can producers start leveraging NDI with their existing gear?
-- How steep is the learning curve?
-- How will moving to NDI change and streamline your workflow?
-- How can NDI help you build new revenue streams as more events go virtual?

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