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  Advanced OTT Strategies


From AVOD and SVOD to live-linear channels, OTT is beating broadcast and cable at its own game. But how can you ensure that your OTT delivery, distribution, user experience, and monetization strategies are winners? Join this webinar for insights into all of those pieces of the OTT puzzle and more, and learn how to overcome the challenges that might be standing between you and OTT success.

During this webinar, you'll gain insights into the following:

- The most useful QoE metrics for OTT measurement
- The best solutions to current OTT measurement problems
- The most promising measurement technologies coming in the next 12 to 24 months
- The most important aspects of OTT platforms to acquire and retain viewers
- How AVOD service providers can get the maximum value for their inventory
- How to leverage data to enhance quality of experience (QoE) and improve customer retention
- How to use page management to improve navigation and the user experience
- The relationship between business models and asset management
- How to build a true OTT taxonomy

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VP / Editor
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Chief Sales Officer
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Vice President – Media Practice
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Chief Technology Officer