THURSDAY, JULY 18 - 11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET

When it comes to an engaging playback experience, time is of the essence. Every additional second of delivery time brings more potential for signal interruptions, latency issues, and buffering. Implementing a multi-CDN architecture multiplies the benefits of CDN delivery to make for a great playback experience.

Each piece of content is worth more today than ever before, but creative monetization strategies must be built on a consumer experience that serves quality video reliably, regardless of how, or where, it's viewed.

Join Ryan Durfey, Senior Product Manager at Comcast Technology Solutions as he and Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen discuss best practices and considerations when implementing a successful multi-CDN strategy.

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Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen
VP / Editor
Streaming Media
Ryan Durfey
Senior Product Manager
Comcast Technology Solutions