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OTT Monetisation: Business Model Opportunities and Threats

Sponsored By: Telstra

OTT video services are increasingly dominating the market and putting pressure on traditional broadcasters to either remain relevant or respond in kind. From content offerings to pricing to customer acquisition and retention strategies, broadcast operators are rapidly expanding their OTT operations to enable TV everywhere. But successful monetisation remains the challenge.

Based on a global research commissioned by Telstra, Streaming Media Magazine and Unisphere Research set out to challenge the homogeneity of the advertising-versus-subscription debate and explore the latest challenges and opportunities of subscription video on-demand (SVOD) within the industry.

Featuring findings derived from approximately 500 respondents across North America, Europe and Asia, this report provides insight into several key trends in the marketplace. These include:

  • SVOD trumps AVOD as the most dominant form of monetising OTT services globally
  • Growing revenue – 61% of respondents believe that longer subscriptions (with free months) as well as package bundling are most attractive to customers
  • Partnerships matter - 33% of respondents believe that partnerships are key to growing their subscriber base
  • Content is a key differentiator - 46% of respondents believe that exclusive or original content will be the key factor in customer retention
  • Keeping prices stable – 65% of respondents will maintain their current pricing for the next 12 months

These details, including regional nuances and more can be found in the free report – OTT Monetisation: Business Model Opportunities and Threats.