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TubeMogul Launches Brand-Focused Demand Side Platform for Video Advertising

The second generation of PlayTime combines the branding power of video advertising with the efficiency of automated, real-time media buying. With end-to-end control and TubeMogul's leading video measurement and optimization technology built-in, brand mark

Emeryville, CA(12 Apr 2011)

TubeMogul announced today the evolution of PlayTime, its video advertising solution, as a demand side platform (DSP) for video built to meet the specific needs of brand marketers. PlayTime provides the traditional benefits of a DSP – targeted, real-time, media buying across multiple inventory sources – while giving brand marketers what they value most: simplicity, reach, impact, transparency and insights.

Available through a simple, browser-based interface, marketers can launch a campaign in minutes that includes:

?    Real-time buying across multiple inventory sources

?    A wide variety of formats, including pre-roll, pre-roll with ad selectors, interactive pre-roll, mobile,
in-banner and social media units

?    Complete control over the sites where ads run

?    Targeting by context, audience and geography

?    Complete transparency into where ads ran and who watched them

?    Tight integration with rich media creative ad servers for high end brand ads

?    Insights into campaign performance with video and audience metrics tracked in real-time at the

To make this possible, TubeMogul aggregates inventory from top publishers, exchanges, ad servers, supply side platforms and other transparent inventory sources to reach 99% of U.S. Internet users, according to comScore. At launch, over 90% of the comScore Top 1000 sites are available to select from. In addition, private exchanges can be built between any agency and publisher directly for sites not generally available.

In all, TubeMogul clients can bid on over five billion auctions for ad space per day, or over 60,000 auctions per second. To buy at this scale, the company must identify a viewer, choose whether or not to bid, name a price, receive an answer as to whether the auction was won and finally call an ad – all in the milliseconds before a video player or page loads for a viewer.

Scale does not equate to effectiveness, however, and the impact of brand advertising transcends clicks and impressions. TubeMogul designed its platform to be the best at delivering brand messages in real- time across placements, audiences, media types and sites.
The company offers several layers of targeting to reach audiences. At setup, marketers select contextual targeting (i.e. sites, categories, etc.) and geographic regions to narrow in on a specific country or market. From there, marketers can layer on audience data, whether it’s their own or data or from third-party providers like BlueKai, Exelate, Rapleaf and TARGUSinfo.

Once a campaign starts, TubeMogul’s optimization technology kicks in, powered by over four years of video analytics insight. Utilizing real-time metrics like demographics, second-by-second engagement and social network sharing, TubeMogul automatically shifts spending to best fit placements and audience segments where the ad is having the biggest impact. Internal testing revealed the power in this technology: real-time buys optimized by TubeMogul’s algorithm delivered a 15.5% longer viewing time at a price 36.4% lower than direct buys for the same set of sites.

For reporting, marketers have access to real-time analytics to see where their ads are running and compare performance by site and by ad. Metrics available include audience demographics, unique viewers, second-by-second engagement, city-level geographics, social network sharing and more – all easily exported or shared. Since TubeMogul aggregates so many inventory sources, these analytics allow marketers to make powerful comparisons site-by-site and audience-by-audience from a single dashboard.

"This is a great evolution from what traditional DSP's offer," said Adam Cahill, EVP at Hill Holiday. "Since TubeMogul has been partnering directly with publishers for years to provide video analytics, it has access to discrete inventory augmented with a rich history of performance data to inform buying and bidding strategies."

From Neeraj Kochhar, President of Varick Media Management: "Real-time bidding changed display advertising for the better, and with this launch TubeMogul is helping bring the same efficiency and measurement to video. We look forward to having this platform in our arsenal going forward."

“Many brand marketers are excited about video but hold back because of concern about scale or measurability – this changes all that, letting marketers buy at real-time scale with transparent measurement to ensure impact,” comments Brett Wilson, CEO and Co-Founder of TubeMogul.

Marketers can sign up and try it today at

About TubeMogul
TubeMogul is the only video marketing company built for branding. By integrating real-time media buying, ad serving, targeting, optimization and brand measurement into its PlayTime platform, TubeMogul simplifies the delivery of video ads and maximizes the impact of every dollar spent by brand marketers.

The company only partners with premium and transparent inventory sources – including direct publishers and private networks – to deliver video to any audience, in any format, on any device. Advertisers only pay when someone chooses to watch their video and they see exactly which sites their ads ran on, how their ads performed and who watched them. Using PlayTime for video advertising means never having to choose engagement and impact over reach.

Beyond advertising, brand marketers can use TubeMogul’s OneLoad video distribution to seed their content on multiple sites and the company’s InPlay video analytics to measure and compare the performance of their owned, paid and earned video media.
Founded in 2006, TubeMogul is based in Emeryville, CA with offices in New York, London, Chicago and Los Angeles.