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Tru Optik to Launch Free Privacy.TV Solution to Solve for Lack of Consumer Privacy Coordination Across Connected TV Advertising

Privacy.TV to Usher in New Era of Accountability, Transparency and Privacy Compliance Across Advanced TV Advertising

Stamford, CT,(11 Oct 2019)

Tru Optik, the most widely used audience intelligence and data-management platform (DMP) across Connected TV (CTV), today announced plans to power a free privacy compliance solution for CTV and Advanced Media called Privacy.TV. The solution will roll out in Q4 2019 in beta and become commercially available in 2020, offering OTT consumer opt-out and data transparency capabilities for publishers, adtech platforms, data providers and device manufacturers.
“Privacy compliance across CTV is broken,” said Andre Swanston, CEO of Tru Optik. “Most publishers, data providers, adtech platforms and device manufactures are ill equipped to honor consumers’ growing demand for transparency let alone the ability to opt-out or correct how data is used to target them with advertising across CTV.”
Privacy.TV solves for many challenges the industry faces. Unlike other siloed offerings that leverage only individual identifiers like cookies and IFAs (CTV device advertising IDs) updated at widely varying frequency, Privacy.TV reconciles against Tru Optik’s patented 80 million household graph and is updated every 24-hours. Privacy.TV is also device and platform agnostic. This means that a consumer can opt-out his or her entire household vs. only a specific device (i.e. a certain TV).
Tru Optik has always led the way with privacy compliance across CTV, white-labeling IP opt-out capabilities to major adtech platform since 2016 and launching OptOut.TV in January of 2018. Privacy.TV takes consumer privacy capabilities several steps further and provides the features and requirements needed to help organizations become compliant with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) going into effect January 1, 2020.  
Privacy.TV will enable the following privacy compliance capabilities:
  1. Consumer disclosure statement
  2. Consumer opt-out (app, device, and household)
  3. Consumer opt-in and profile correction
  4. Partner API
  5. Secure five-year audit records of opt-out and audience data usage
“CCPA will significantly impact all businesses – large or small – across the advanced TV advertising ecosystem,” added Jonathan Bokor, Chief Privacy and Business Affairs Officer at Tru Optik. “Our Privacy.TV solution will enable publishers, agencies, adtech platforms and content providers to comply with their opt-out obligations under CCPA with respect to CTV and will integrate well with their overall CCPA compliance and consumer privacy initiatives.”
Many brands use their own first party consumer data to advertise across CTV, which is often anonymously mapped using name/address or email address and is considered personally identifiable information (PII). To help facilitate compliance, Tru Optik plans to implement TransUnion’s people-based ID resolution to enable consumers to securely opt-out or control how this PII data can be used for CTV advertising in a privacy-safe manner. This functionality will be targeted for availability in early 2020.
“We pride ourselves on empowering both consumers and enterprises to transact knowing the utmost respect for both privacy and security of their data has been taken into account,” said Matt Spiegel, Executive Vice President of Marketing Solutions and Head of Media Vertical, TransUnion. “Brands increasingly want to use third-party data to buy media, as well as their own first-party data. Allowing consumers to also easily opt-out or opt-in to how their data is used – tied to not only device IDs, but also the other personal identifiers brands and media companies use – provides a comprehensive way to honor consumer privacy and gives consumers control around how their data is leveraged to target them.” 
“Too many players in the industry pass the buck down the chain to the next person when it comes to privacy compliance and data quality,” said Swanston. “The average consumer has never even heard of any of the self-regulating bodies and it’s like navigating a maze to control how your data works across every connected app and device in your household.  Privacy.TV will have a robust consumer awareness campaign and treat privacy compliance as a value add available to the consumer, which in turn will enable the entire Advanced TV industry to build trust with their most important audiences.”
Any data in Tru Optik’s OTT Data Marketplace, Political Data Cloud, or Streaming Audio Data Marketplace will be reconciled against Privacy.TV logs daily. Data from any device or household that has opted-out will be blacklisted and unavailable for targeting across our data marketplace, DMP dashboards, or in target measurement reports. This means advertisers and publishers cannot unintentionally target opted-out homes or devices whether their siloed opt-out records are up to date or not.
Privacy.TV is a free privacy compliance solution for Connected TV
and Advanced Media that offers consumer opt-out for publishers,
adtech platforms, data providers and device manufacturers.

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