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Touchstream launches StreamCAM, Its Cloud-Based Service for Live Linear OTT Streams

Touchstream, the leading provider of video streaming content availability monitoring, today announces StreamCAM, Stream Content Availability Monitor, its comprehensive cloud-based service for live linear OTT streams.

New York(19 Oct 2017)

OTT subscribers today have little patience for a poor Quality of Experience (QoE). In fact, according to SNL Kagan, 10% of viewers will abandon an OTT service because of a poor streaming experience which can represent a significant amount of lost revenue.

What’s at the heart of a poor QoE? In most cases it’s the availability or performance of a stream. In an adaptive bitrate (ABR) model, viewers are moved up and down bitrates depending upon available bandwidth and other factors. But what happens when there’s an issue with a specific stream in a multi-bitrate package? The viewers will experience buffering, failures or other problems when their player shifts to that bitrate. In order to provide the highest-level of QoE, service providers must ensure every bitrate in their streams is available and working at peak performance. And although many OTT providers employ player-side analytics to capture QoE issues, these solutions can only report on problems after the viewer has experienced one.

StreamCAM solves the challenge of ensuring stream availability by monitoring each bitrate 24/7/365 and providing OTT service providers a proactive approach to mitigating QoE issues. Scalable and cloud-based, StreamCAM can send alerts to operations personnel the instant an anomaly is detected, even when the stream isn’t being viewed. Provisioning can happen in just a few minutes, with nothing for the service provider to install or maintain.

“OTT providers need to be proactive in how they address content availability” says Brenton Ough, CEO and Co-Founder. “They can’t wait until there are problems. By that time, it’s too late. Subscribers have churned. Viewers have abandoned. StreamCAM provides them the ability to monitor all of their bitrates and solve problems before users even access the content.”

StreamCAM also now features traceroute.

This new feature, available through the StreamCAM dashboard or data API, provides detailed information on the route a stream takes to end users and can help identify sub-optimal routing that is negatively impacting latency as well as the responsible party

About Touchstream International Pty Ltd

Touchstream’s 24x7 Proactive Live Stream Monitoring Platform is used by the world’s leading media companies and service providers to gain critical insights into their stream availability and stream performance to proactively identify and quickly resolve video streaming failures before they impact the viewer’s experience. Touchstream was recently recognized by CIO Review as one the 20 Most Promising Companies. Touchstream is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, with offices in Barcelona, Spain and New York, U.S.A.         To learn more, visit