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PallyCon Introduces Revolutionary Per-Minute Pricing for Distributor Watermarking to Combat Pre-Release Video Piracy

INKA Entworks, a leader in content security solutions, today unveiled an updated version of its advanced Distributor Watermarking product.

San jose(06 Jun 2024)

San Jose, June 4, 2024 – The innovative solution now features a groundbreaking per-minute pricing model, eliminating setup fees, tech support costs, and AMC fees, making it a pay-as-you-go service. This offering empowers major studios and content creators to protect and trace their valuable video assets throughout the production lifecycle, from dailies and trailers to pre-release and post-release distribution and screenings.

Addressing the Piracy Challenge

Video piracy has long been a significant issue for the media and entertainment industry, leading to substantial revenue losses. Traditional forensic watermarking solutions often come with pricing models requiring long-term commitments and high costs, which can deter wider adoption. Content creators, media houses, and production companies frequently produce or distribute content for short durations or specific seasons, necessitating a more flexible and affordable solution.

Why Choose Per-Minute Pricing?

Recognizing the need for a cost-effective and flexible watermarking solution, PallyCon conducted extensive research to understand the requirements of various companies. The result is a tailored forensic watermarking product with a unique per-minute pricing plan, designed to cater to short-term content protection needs without the burden of extended contracts.

Key Features of PallyCon’s Distributor Watermarking

PallyCon’s Distributor Watermarking solution offers a simplified way to trace illegal distribution sources and identify content owners. Key features include:

  • Invisible Watermarking: The hidden watermark is embedded within the content and remains invisible to the naked eye.
  • Affordable Pricing: Per-minute pricing makes watermarking accessible to small and medium-sized studios and content creators.
  • Rapid Deployment: Available for both cloud and on-premise setups, deployable within an hour.
  • Comprehensive APIs: Specialized APIs for monitoring watermarking job status, recipient management, and notifications.
  • Cloud-Based Detection: Watermark detection capabilities within minutes, ensuring quick identification of piracy sources.
  • Proven Robustness: Validated by over 150 rigorous extraction tests, audited by Cartesian “Farncombe Security™”, and approved by major Hollywood studios, vendors, MovieLabs, and the MPAA.
  • Seamless Integration: Works seamlessly with popular file transfer workflows.
  • Versatility: Supports watermarking for short videos like 30-second clips and single frame extraction.

Industry Endorsement

“Distributor Watermarking is a novel product for protecting high-value video content,” says James Ahn, CEO of INKA ENTWORKS. “With its reasonable pricing model and unmatched robustness, our solution enables studios to pinpoint sources of piracy leaks during those critical pre-release periods when losses can be catastrophic.”

By safeguarding premium video assets with PallyCon’s innovative watermarking technology, content creators can distribute materials with confidence and peace of mind.

About PallyCon

PallyCon is a premium content protection service from INKA Entworks Inc. Trusted by over 300 customers globally, PallyCon provides 360-degree, cloud-based, end-to-end content security solutions for OTT platforms. Services include Multi DRM, Forensic Watermarking, Distributor Watermarking, Anti-Piracy services, Transcoding and Packaging, and App Security with quick and simple integration. It is the ONE-IN-ALL solution for OTT owners.