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Introducing 23 Video. Changing online video and how organizations communicate

Today 23 introduces 23 Video, changing the online video space and how organizations communicate. 23 Video introduces the videosite as the new way for organizations to work with online video.

Copenhagen(28 Oct 2010)

Today 23 introduces 23 Video, changing the online video space and how organizations communicate. 23 Video introduces the videosite as the new way for organizations to work with online video.

Introducing the videosite
So far organizational use of video on the web has been about embedding clips from centralized services like Youtube. Having your own videosite with it’s own domain, own design and own videoplayer have been for the few. Hindering adoption of video in organizations and innovative use of video. Even if you bought an enterprise video solution, you had to combine it with building a website, and integrating the video solution into it. This made videosites cumbersome and complex, requiring large budgets and well-proven business cases.
23 Video changes this by being a full video website, a videosite, out of the box combined with industry leading video capabilities. Making it possible to start a videosite in minutes and customize it to your organizations needs in days.

Breakthrough pricing
Hindering organizations shift to video has been the complex and expensive pricing models. Causing organizations not to adopt videosites because they couldn't afford it or because they couldn't budget for it. 23 changes the complex pricing models and product options to one product and one price. 23 Video requires no upfront costs, no extra modules or users to buy.
23 Video is just 675 US dollars a month (including 1 Terabyte of traffic per month) making it possible for all organizations to have a videosite of the quality of cnn.com or ted.com at a very affordable price.
"In trialing we've already seen multiple customers creating several videosites. That's our vision, to make creating a new site something you just do in an organization, when an opportunity or need rises. With your web people or agency helping you customize and design the videosite, just like they’d normally do." says Steffen Tiedemann Christensen, co-founder of 23.

Reinvent everything with video
Applications for videosites are many, just like text-centric websites. From the basic videosection on a corporate homepage, separate brandchannels or webtv-sites, ecommerce sites, videosites for learning, campaigns or competitions where users can participate by uploading videos, having your own internal youtube for all employees to share videos, media brands adding video, events getting 100x the reach by sharing videos of their event like ted.com or creating new innovative products and services with a videosite.
Industry analysts Gartner estimates 25% of organizational communication and interaction to be video based in 2013.
"We're just starting to scratch the organizational potential for using video. Organizations are reinventing how they communicate by shifting from text-centric websites to videosites." says Thomas Madsen-Mygdal, co-founder of 23.

100+ global partners
To really allow videosites to become integrated into every type of process and every industry 23 Video leverages a partner model. Working with web agencies, communication agencies, advertising agencies and innovation consultancies that are using 23 Video to build videosites for their customers. 23 Video launches with 100+ partners in more than 10 countries and an open partner program to engage even more.

Full video capabilities
23 Video ships with industry leading video capabilities with no limitations or extra modules to buy.
- Stunning HD video
- Full analytics giving you feedback on plays, engagement time and playthrough percentage.
- Templating and design modules to make designing easy
- Distribution of your videos via Facebook, Twitter, podcasting or Youtube
- Videos playable anywhere on any device from mobile phones and iPads to Apple TV
- Global distribution making your videosite quickly accessible from around the globe
- Open Upload allowing users to easily upload videos to your videosite
- Controlling access to your videosite. Making the videosite accessible only to your intranet, for a select group of users or people who have paid for access, and
- Full API allowing easy integration with other systems such as sharepoint

Read more about 23 Video and start a free trial at http://www.23video.com

About 23
23, The Visual Sharing Company, helps organizations and individuals in 200+ countries communicate visually.

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Steffen Tiedemann Christensen, co-founder, steffen@23company.com, +45 25327058
Thomas Madsen-Mygdal, co-founder, mygdal@23company.com, +45 2972 5630
Angelica Vargas, press coordinator, angelica@23company.com, +45 2070 1035