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Eluvio LIVE Provides Artists with Novel Blockchain-Based Streaming and Ticketing Platform

Built on the Eluvio Content Fabric, is the world’s first blockchain-backed 4K video streaming and ticketing service, including: ? STREAMING: 4K quality, low-latency, owner-controlled content distribution available on mobile, browser, desktop, AppleTV a

Berkeley, CA 94710(18 Mar 2021)

BERKELEY, CA – March 18, 2021 – Today at SXSW, Eluvio unveiled Eluvio LIVE (, a novel streaming and ticketing platform, for concerts and all manner of premium exhibitions, distributed directly from artists to their global audiences. Built on the patented Eluvio Content Fabric, it is the world’s first 4K video streaming and ticketing service with all content secured and sold via blockchain contracts– with no distribution or content management fees. 


The Content Fabric is the first blockchain-based scalable content distribution network for premium video. Launched in 2019 and used by Tier 1 media companies such as MGM Studios and FOX Networks and mobile streaming providers, the platform was invented by a team led by Michelle Munson and Serban Simu, the multi-Emmy® award winning founders and inventors of Aspera, a pioneer in digital video transport technology that was acquired by IBM. The Content Fabric platform was recently awarded the prestigious 2020 Engineering Excellence Award by the Hollywood Professional Association; the 2020 "Best Use of Blockchain in Media Award" by Cable and Satellite International, and the "IBC 2020 Best of Show Award" from TV Technology. 

Now, Eluvio LIVE opens the Content Fabric’s transformational technology to artists and publishers, allowing them to enjoy low-latency, owner-controlled content distribution directly to their fans, through highly customizable event sites and digital experiences. The platform provides high quality, low latency streaming to AppleTV, Roku, mobile and browser platforms, and built-in geofencing, dynamic personalization, digital NFT (non-fungible token) creation and merchandising for concerts, performances, sporting events, movie screenings or premieres. Live content is automatically recorded and reusable on demand, and it can be refashioned and remonetized to support new events, creative collaborations, sponsorships, and availability windows.


“Eluvio LIVE was created to address the fundamental shifts taking place right now across the music and entertainment industries,” said Michelle Munson, CEO and co-founder of Eluvio. “Artists and publishers want to reach audiences anywhere in the world, in a way that gives them the highest levels of financial control, video quality, and customization. The global shift towards streaming live events, necessitated by the pandemic, will become a permanent way to amplify in-person performances when they return, and the opportunity for artists to control their content destiny via blockchain technology has come together in a unique moment. Eluvio LIVE will enable these ‘multi-experiential’ viewing opportunities to reach beyond the confines of physical venues, and unlock the ability of artists and publishers to continually monetize their content.”


The initial series of major concerts on Eluvio LIVE will be filmed and produced by iconic Paramax Films, which will provide the content into the Eluvio LIVE platform. “Eluvio LIVE is the perfect complement to live production and filming companies like ours,” said Amos Rozenberg, CEO of Paramax Films. “Today’s artists and producers critically need a platform they can control, that is both high quality and scalable, and more versatile and profitable to distribute and monetize their performances, and Eluvio LIVE is a breakthrough on all of those fronts.”       


Features of Eluvio LIVE


Eluvio LIVE is a first-of-a-kind service powered by the hyper-efficient Eluvio Content Fabric, a global blockchain-based network designed to deliver dramatically faster and lower-cost distribution via just-in-time live or on-demand streams–without the use of content delivery networks (CDNs), transcoding services or third-party aggregators. Key features of Eluvio LIVE include:


Beautiful Quality

  • Live low latency, secure 4K global streaming capacity to handle vast simultaneous audience sizes (1 million or more) across browsers, mobile phones, Apple TV or Roku in 4K HDR;
  • Smooth buffer free multi-view for any number of individual camera feeds delivered simultaneously;
  • Built-in encryption and digital rights management to prevent illegal redistribution and copying;


Directly to Fans

  • Create and customize event sites with options to aggregate events and content under a single artist/media brand;
  • Sites enable users to purchase tickets and merchandise, enter the digital venue when authorized, experience the event, and unlock exclusive content;
  • Configure restriction of ticket authorization by audience geography, time windows, and ticket class allowing for events customized to locality and maximum return from each locality;
  • Create tiered ticketing options, such as premium viewing experiences (4K, HDR, multi-view), bundled merchandising options, re-watch rights, and exclusive content;
  • Create and sell limited number “digital exclusives'' or collectibles (NFTs) such as clips, teasers, key images, full length works such as digital songs, albums, films, or access to in-person exclusive experiences, minted on the platform’s blockchain. The assets are cryptographically signed and delivered securely with authenticity guaranteed by blockchain contracts.


Retaining Control

  • Artists/publishers retain 100% ownership/rights to their content, backed by secure blockchain contracts to control authorized views and transactions. Eluvio charges no distribution or content management fees, but simply adds a modest percentage on top of ticket or merchandise/digital sale;
  • Fully integrated sales of tickets, merchandise, and digital products with cryptographically secure ticket validations, configurable viewing options, and integrations with major third-party digital payment services and ticketing portals;
  • Configurable geofencing and access control scoped by audience geography, time windows, and ticket class, backed by blockchain smart contracts;
  • Secure tamper proof watch statistics (2 second granularity); privacy-protecting aggregate audience statistics with options for audience-controlled private data sharing with sponsors and publishers;


Pushing Boundaries

  • Options for dynamic content sequences or modifications (lighting, views, etc.) based on audience votes or other just-in-time feedback;
  • Customizable integration of sponsor logos, private viewing experiences, interactive activations, VIP experiences, etc.;
  • Dynamic advertising and personalized merchandising, including interactive points on screen that allow users to click “hot spots” to buy during the event; embeddable merchandise options in ticket purchase checkout; integrated online merchandising storefronts and more;



  • Live content is automatically recorded and reusable on demand, and it can be refashioned and remonetized to support new events and uses, backed by smart contracts;
  • Incorporate back catalog content for remonetization, including remarketing, licensing, on demand rebroadcasts, or syndication to third-party streaming platforms.
  • Mint and sell “digital exclusives” (NFTs) from any content.


Eluvio is a featured partner at this year’s SXSW Online 2021 taking place from March 16-20 and will have a virtual presence at this year’s Creative Industries Exhibition. Today, March 18 at 11am CST, Michelle Munson will speak at SXSW about Eluvio LIVE and its applicability for music publishers and artists. On March 31, Michelle Munson and Amos Rozenberg of Paramax Films will speak at the Music Week Tech Summit from 3:20pm-3:50pm BST.


About Eluvio, Inc.

Eluvio is transforming the management, distribution, and economics of premium video for content owners. Eluvio enables just-in-time, low-latency content distribution, monetization, and asset servicing directly to consumers. Content is delivered directly from source as on-demand streams, live streams, and dynamic sequences–without the use of separate transcoding services, content delivery networks (CDNs), or aggregation services–and without creating file copies. Eluvio is used by Tier 1 Hollywood studios, broadcasters, major ticketed exhibitions, and new mobile streaming platforms. Eluvio is led by Michelle Munson and Serban Simu, founders of Aspera, and a core team of innovators in content centric design, ML, blockchain ledgers, audio/video processing, and programmable media.


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