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ClipCast Introduces Multi-Point-of-View Video Service for Smartphones

Free Mobile Video Sharing App Enables Users to Create Video Like a Film Crew in Real-Time

San Diego(01 Dec 2016)

ClipCast, a San Diego-based video technology startup, today announced the availability of its multi-angle video capture, edit and share service of the same name on iTunes and Google Play. The free ClipCast mobile video sharing service allows users to produce video like a film crew by easily connecting to other smartphones, or networked cameras, to create multi-point-of-view video highlights shareable in real-time.

Even though mobile video remains one of the hottest technology trends, ClipCast is the first service to easily, and cost effectively, allow users to capture the same content from multiple vantage points. It takes just one smartphone to start a video session and others can automatically join as additional angles via geo-location or a six-digit alpha code. There is no limit to the number of angles that can be introduced, filmed and shared.

Once connected as additional angles, each smartphone continuously records, but doesn’t create highlights until a request is made from any of the phones. If no request is received, no clips are created. Each phone acts as a remote control that can request clips from all phones in the session. Clips can be explicitly started and stopped, or requested as “instant replay,” after something meaningful occurs. Recording phones then send the clips to the cloud where they become available for viewing on any of the devices in the session within minutes.

ClipCast’s unique ability to connect smartphones on the fly, or schedule events in advance for unique user groups, have many describing it as “the professional film crew in your pocket.” And because ClipCast video clips are sent to and stored in the cloud, there is no worry about large video files filling valuable smartphone storage space.

“With ClipCast, any group of friends can capture amazing video footage from any number of angles as if they were professional filmmakers,” explains Manuel Jaime, CEO and founder of ClipCast. “By being able to easily create and share split screen or sequential combinations of synchronized clips right from the phone, the days of spending hours trying to download and combine different video footage are in the rear view mirror.”

ClipCast’s unique, fully-integrated solution serves the needs of video enthusiasts, including cloud-based infrastructure, streamlined video capture, editing and sharing capabilities, and sport-specific clip creation controls, making it unlike any other video production and sharing system available today. ClipCast’s technology platform introduces a novel set of features covered by a portfolio of issued and pending patents for server-based and client-based implementations of the core technology.

The ClipCast service is currently free and, in the future, will offer a premium subscription service with additional video storage, features and enhancements not available in the free version.

“The use cases for ClipCast are limitless—from sports teams, players and coaches wanting to improve their form, to action sport ‘daredevils,’ to parents wanting to capture a special life moment—all of which can be instantly shared to social media,” adds Jaime. “Our vision for the future is one where event and community venues will be ClipCast-enabled with smartphones and connected cameras, allowing anybody to instantly join a video session and capture special moments after or as they occur.”

 Pilot Program with SoCal Volleyball Clubs Serves Up an Ace

For one of ClipCast’s first test programs, the Company teamed with the SoCal Volleyball Club, located in San Macros, Calif., to help with player and team development, as well as recruitment efforts. SoCal team members are using ClipCast to capture and create multi-angle video highlights during practices, lessons and games.

 SoCal Volleyball’s San Marcos location is officially “ClipCast-enabled” through integration with fixed video cameras permanently installed on each court, allowing users to utilize the existing video feeds by tapping volleyball relevant icons on their smartphones to capture and categorize content after they see a play they would like to have on video. This “instant replay” capability can also be enhanced by adding any smartphone as an additional recording device to the existing fixed cameras’ angles. Simply stated, a SoCal spectator can either passively view and tag plays after they occur or add their own vantage point to augment the experience for all participants.

 “SoCal had been searching for effective college recruiting video solutions for years,” said Scott Phillips, SoCal Athletics President. “We’ve seen the rise of other content-driven communities, but evolving the traditionally flat experience to multi-dimensional hasn’t existed until now. Recording, editing and sharing college-recruiting videos has always been a daunting task for prep recruits. We hand-selected ClipCast to be our sole video technology partner, because their platform is easy to use, it integrates with our My SoCal portal, and it provides the capabilities we had not found anywhere else—that’s what our members need and deserve.”

 For more information about ClipCast, please visit or download the mobile app via the iTunes and Google Play app stores.


ClipCast, a San Diego-based video technology startup, is at the forefront of driving megatrends in video capture and sharing. ClipCast recently introduced its free mobile video sharing service, which allows anybody to produce video like a film crew by easily connecting to other smartphones or networked cameras to create multi-POV video highlights shareable in real-time. The Company provides a fully integrated solution to serve the needs of its users, including cloud-based infrastructure, streamlined video capture, editing and sharing capabilities and sport-specific tagging controls.