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Broadpeak IBC2013 Exhibitor Preview

Operators are at the heart of Broadpeak's focus. At IBC2013, Broadpeak will showcase a comprehensive lineup of content delivery network (CDN) and video-on-demand (VOD) server solutions that address operators' most critical needs: the ability to deliver ca

Rennes, France(07 Aug 2013)

Operators are at the heart of Broadpeak's focus. At IBC2013, Broadpeak will showcase a comprehensive lineup of content delivery network (CDN) and video-on-demand (VOD) server solutions that address operators' most critical needs: the ability to deliver cable, IPTV, OTT, and hybrid TV services cost-effectively while ensuring the highest possible quality of experience (QoE) for end users.

Sharing our Vision at IBC2013:

OTT and Multiscreen Services
Broadpeak helps pay-TV operators meet the growing consumer demand for OTT video and maximize the related revenue opportunities. Deploying their own CDNs, operators can provide better Quality of Service (QoS) and QoE for subscribers and increase their revenue share within the video delivery chain.

Broadpeak's operatorCDN solution provides all the necessary components to deploy an operator CDN, including user profiles, billing information, quotas, and analytics.

Yet to compete with global CDN service providers, operator CDNs must be cost-effective and scalable. They can achieve this by deploying disruptive technologies such as Broadpeak's award-winning nanoCDN technology.

Broadpeak's nanoCDN leverages home network equipment as an element of the CDN to boost video delivery capabilities.

When it comes to delivering video content, telecom and cable operators have an edge locally because they own and control their networks while global CDN service providers are best at delivering content internationally. As a consequence, having a single CDN service provider approach puts content providers at a disadvantage for targeting different geographical areas. What they need is an effective CDN selection solution.

Broadpeak's umbrellaCDN helps content providers transition to a best-of-breed approach that supports multiple CDNs. After deploying umbrellaCDN, content providers and operators can select the ideal CDN by setting allocation rules that can be applied dynamically and which take into account changing conditions. No longer do content owners have to rely on a single CDN provider.

IPTV as Broadpeak Sees It
Broadpeak pioneered IPTV by supporting some of the largest initial IPTV projects worldwide. It has been building its understanding of this technology over the past 10 years and can now offer an unparalleled level of experience to help telecom operators redefine and enhance their IPTV services. For Broadpeak, enhancing IPTV means maximizing QoE, expanding services, and providing a unified experience for end users across all devices. It's about helping operators make the transition from traditional set-top box (STB) services to next-generation multiscreen services.

Telecom and cable operators were the first to deploy video services over new networks by leveraging innovations such as VOD, bundled service offerings, and nonlinear TV. In today's IPTV world, an ever-increasing number of consumer devices are enabling content providers to reach their audiences through OTT and CDN service providers.

Broadpeak has developed cutting-edge solutions to help operators capitalize on their strengths in this rapidly changing IPTV environment. Relying on Broadpeak's products and technologies, operators can:

--Deploy fast channel change and packet loss recovery for both VOD and live TV services, to enhance their customers' QoE significantly. Made possible with Broadpeak's BkE100 experience server.
--Offer advanced network services such as network-based personal video recording (NPVR), start-over, and network time-shifting. Made possible with Broadpeak's BkS100 and BkS400 streaming servers and BkM 100 CDN Mediator.
--Unify the video user experience across next-generation and existing STBs by bringing the benefits of adaptive streaming technology to the main screen without needing to change existing STBs. Made possible with Broadpeak's C-CAS technology.
--Cost-effectively manage the consumption peaks of live multiscreen services and transition to a full adaptive bitrate delivery architecture for TV sets and new screens. Made possible with Broadpeak's nanoCDN technology.

Key Products and Technology Demos

At IBC2013, Broadpeak will highlight umbrellaCDN, a CDN selection product for content providers and operators. Using umbrellaCDN, content providers and operators can cost-effectively deliver live and VOD content with the best possible QoE. The ideal CDN for each end-user request is selected according to operator-defined, rule-based parameters, such as end-user location, end-user ISP, group of content (e.g., live/VOD, pay/free, premium/trailer), time of day, QoS and more.

Relying on a combination of Broadpeak's BkM100 CDN Mediator and BkA100 video delivery analytics products, operatorCDN provides operators with all the tools necessary to deploy and manage their own CDN system successfully, including user profiles, billing information, quotas, and analytics. Using this powerful collection of bandwidth provisioning and management tools, operators can sell bandwidth directly to content providers, enable resellers to sell it on their behalf, and provide an unmatched QoS to end users.

Streaming Servers and CDN Equipment
Broadpeak's high-performance streaming servers are capable of streaming media in any format, including the new MPEG DASH standard, and can reach a 30 Gbps streaming capacity. Utilizing the company's streaming servers and CDN management suite, operators can offer advanced network services like NPVR, start-over, and network time-shifting.

Broadpeak will also showcase its award-winning nanoCDN technology. Leveraging home networks, nanoCDN resolves live OTT consumption peak issues by turning millions of broadband gateways or STBs into active components of the content delivery infrastructure. With nanoCDN, operators can cost-effectively manage the consumption peaks of live multiscreen services for millions of simultaneous viewers using only a few megabits per second from the operator's network.

Advanced IPTV Services
At IBC2013, Broadpeak will demonstrate how operators can cost-effectively deploy a variety of advanced IPTV services, including fast channel change, packet loss recovery, and NPVR to improve their subscriber's experience.

Broadpeak's award-winning C-CAS (Conditional Access System-Compliant Adaptive Streaming) technology makes adaptive streaming possible on CAS-compliant set-top boxes (STBs). Relying on C-CAS technology from Broadpeak, operators can unify the video user experience across next-generation and existing STBs by bringing the benefits of adaptive streaming to the main screen without changing the STBs.

Company Overview:

About Broadpeak (
Broadpeak designs and manufactures video delivery components for content providers and network service providers deploying IPTV, cable, and OTT services. Its portfolio of solutions and technologies powers the delivery of movies, television programming, and other content over managed networks and the Internet for viewing on any type of device. The company's systems and services help operators increase market share and improve subscriber loyalty with superior quality of experience.

Broadpeak supports all of its customers worldwide, from simple installations to large delivery systems reaching capacities of several simultaneous million streams. Broadpeak systems leverage the long legacy of Technicolor's excellence in broadcast and broadband content delivery from where the founders and technology originated. The company is headquartered in Rennes, France and its APAC office is based in Singapore.

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