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2wcom’s MoIN server software offers audio services in the cloud

Whether containerized or as a box, the server offers advantages like vast scalability, usage-oriented pricing models, optimized rack space and flexibility in application. The integrated features facilitate the handling of several use-cases – e.g.: The ins

Flensburg, Germany(10 Mar 2020)

2wcom’s Multimedia over IP Network (MoIN) server software is a containerized solution that provides all functionalities that traditional hardware audio over IP codecs have implemented. In contrast to hardware codecs, the software offers vast scalability options no matter if it is run in the cloud or on-premise.

Thanks to its realization as a containerized service the operator can make use of the pricing benefit for containers compared to VMs on all major cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud. The reason for the better price is that in contrast to a VM containers don’t need allocated resources like vCPUs or RAM. They just consume what they need to. Moreover, the use cases of the software are very different and just a few are named here:

Icecast to DVB Transport Stream Transcoding: This is used by several customers who want to make web streams available on a DVB transport stream that can be sent in cable networks or via satellite.

Streaming Encoder: The software can also be used to feed a streaming encoder, for example, the Wowza streaming cloud. Or, 2wcom’s solution transcodes the audio signals to adaptive bitrate protocols like HLS that can be distributed to the end customer by using a CDN.

AES67 to WAN bridge: With a great number of supported audio over IP protocols the MoIN can transcode signals from studio networks that use AES67, Dante, Wheatnet, Ravenna or Livewire+ to a format that is suitable for wide area networks. For example, the studio signals can be transcoded to Opus for a low bitrate transmission with SMPTE 2022 conform error protection or using Secure Reliable Transport (SRT). That enables a studio-to-studio bridge that can overcome even stressful network conditions.

On-demand transcoders: The server software offers scalable activation of codecs in means of number and time. This allows flexible handling of alternative audio streams such as audio description of a video, to guarantee accessibility for blind and visually handicapped persons. Or, if a contribution is produced in accordance with the multi-media method operators are enabled to process the simultaneously produced audio commentaries for the video, stations website, social media and the radio.

Business models like software, platform or infrastructure as a service have already become very common. Therefore, 2wcom offers regular upfront payments as well as pay-as-you-grow and temporary licenses to emphasize the scaling capabilities of the software on the commercial side. In addition, besides supporting the virtualized approach the MoIN server software is also available for hardware boxes to give technicians the utmost scope when planning a new system.