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March 24, 2021

Featured Articles

How to Create a Screencam-Based Video Lesson

Your guide to the best gear, strategies, and techniques for creating video lessons for work or school

Short Cuts

Programmatic Advertising and the Fairness Doctrine

Newsy Chief of Staff Tony Brown discusses the lingering expectation of providing equal time to disparate points of view in today's hyper-partisan news environment and how that impacts and drives reactions to programmatic advertising in this clip from Streaming Media Connect 2021.


Know Your Audience: Understanding the 'Who, What, and How' of OTT Streaming

Launching an OTT service and app is just the beginning of a long journey to know, nurture, and grow your streaming audience

Industry News

MPAI tackles AI-based risk analysis standard in a new Call for Technologies

MPAI has promoted its 4th standard project Compression and understanding of industrial data (MPAI-CUI) to the Call for Technologies stage. The standard aims to enable Artificial Intellig¬ence (AI)-based filtering and extraction of information from a compa

Telestream Lightspeed G8 Media Server Sets New Standards in Power, Versatility and Environmental Awareness

Telestream replaces best-in-class Lightspeed K80 server with sublimely powerful and sophisticated Vantage powerhouse

Eluvio LIVE Provides Artists with Novel Blockchain-Based Streaming and Ticketing Platform

Built on the Eluvio Content Fabric, is the world’s first blockchain-backed 4K video streaming and ticketing service, including: ? STREAMING: 4K quality, low-latency, owner-controlled content distribution available on mobile, browser, desktop, AppleTV a