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March 04, 2020

Online Video News

Sports Fans Care More About Picture Quality Than Latency, Says Verizon Report

Viewers would rather have 4K than lower latency, according to a new study by the streaming platform and CDN that delivered the Super Bowl

Facebook Releases Mobile Version of Creator Studio

Mobile app lets creators stay on top of data insights, make edits to titles and descriptions, and respond to viewers

Ericsson Claims to Beat Huawei's 5G Streaming Record

Speeds of 4.3Gbps could download an hour-long 4K episode in just 14 seconds; the old record was 2.92Gbps

Featured Articles

Deepfakes and the War on Reality

Deepfakes are becoming harder and harder to spot, but the streaming video industry is digging into ways to both detect them and stop their spread. For now, though, it's "viewer beware."

Operators Can Help Tame the Tyranny of OTT Choice

Set-top boxes, smart TVs, and other consumer devices aren't created equal. Operators can help integrate and optimize the delivery of streaming services to viewers.

Short Cuts

How to Make National OTT Advertising More Addressable

Comscore SVP Strategic Partnerships Scott Worthem makes the case for addressable advertising vs. "an uncomfortable level of personalization" in national OTT broadcasts in this clip from a panel at Streaming Media West 2019.


The Evolution of the Awards Campaign: Leveraging Branded OTT Sites to Engage Voters

OTT services won more Oscars, Emmys, and Golden Globes than ever, and even "old Hollywood" is deploying the tools of the streaming wars to help their films and shows get to the stage on awards night

How to Stop Pirates Gatecrashing Your OTT Party

Video is more sophisticated than ever, but by using strong end-to-end encryption, hardening client devices, and using intelligence-based operational security services, you can keep pirates from stealing your content.

Industry News

StreamAMG to launch global OTT platform for Matchroom Sports

Matchroom Live will offer live and on demand streaming of Darts, Snooker and more to fans worldwide.

Quicklink to Debut Skype-in-a-Box at NAB 2020