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March 25, 2019

Online Video News

Comcast Launches Xfinity Flex, a Low-Priced Streaming Service

For $5 per month, Xfinity customers get access to free ad-supported channels and the option to subscribe to others. Is this a good deal?

The Average Household Spends $8 Per Month on Streaming Services

More cold water on the financial side of streaming video: The average household spends $8 per month on streaming services, and that number hasn't budged in three years.

Google Ushers in the Streaming Video Game Age With Stadia

No console required. With Google Stadia, video game watchers can become video game players in seconds. Streaming is coming to gaming, but how much will it cost?

Featured Articles

Phish: 4 Nights in 4K

The relentlessly creative and adventurous band took the leap to 4K for its Halloween run in Las Vegas last year.

Buyers' Guide to Per-Title Encoding

Per-title encoding is now a required feature on most encoding platforms. Here's an overview of the features to look for, and how to get the most out of them

The State of the OTT Market 2019

Where do the video-on-demand, live linear, and live event markets stand now? And what's coming next, as streaming media delivery enters its third decade?

Short Cuts

Video: AI-Driven Tools for Face and Object Detection

RealEyes Media Director of Technologies Jun Heider discusses the visual detection features of popular AI platforms in this clip from his presentation at Streaming Media West 2018.

Video: 4 Key Considerations When Choosing a Video Player

Video Rx CTO Robert Reinhardt discusses the value of knowing your requirements when selecting a video player in this clip from his presentation at Streaming Media West 2018.


Join the Streaming Media Webinar: What You Need to See at NAB

Let the Streaming Media editors be your guides. NAB is an enormous conference, so we'll help you plan ahead. Take a hour to learn what this year's show has to offer.

It's Time to Disband the Unofficial Netflix Protection Society

As the first global network, Netflix has attracted a lot of criticism, but it's attracted even more defenders. That's really not necessary; Netflix can take care of itself.

Industry News

Nanocosmos to Unveil Analytics and Metrics for NanoStream Cloud at NAB 2019

nanoStream Cloud Analytics and H5Live Metrics will provide better insights and QoS over the live streaming workflow

Zeplay Returns to 2019 NAB Show with More Powerful Server and Lower Price Point

Instant replay innovator lowers system price, cuts server footprint and weight by 50 percent, and substantially reduces energy consumption, leveraging solid-state drives with no moving parts

At NAB launch its most affordable, professional VAR system - videoReferee-ST

videoReferee -ST: fair play for everyone – any game, any budget.

Datazoom Launches Self-Service Platform

The company bringing access, standards, and governance to real-time video data launches self-service platform open to video content publishers of any size.