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January 06, 2014

Online Video News

IBM Acquiring Aspera, High-Speed Transfer Specialist

After revolutionizing large-file transfer for the entertainment industry, Aspera's technology will now aid cloud computing and big data.

Channel Master Offers DVR+, a Digital Antenna and DVR in One

The dual tuners let viewers watch one show while recording another, but full functionality requires several add-ons.

Featured Articles

First Look: Apple Compressor 4.1

A nice new interface and a boost in output quality make this a worthwhile upgrade. Just be prepared for a bumpy installation and a slow learning curve; there's nothing intuitive about it, as you'll see in this article and video tour.

How to Stream Live Video With YouTube

YouTube Live is now open to all members in good standing. At Streaming Media West, a YouTube rep walked people through the steps for going live.

Take a Lesson, McDonald's: YouTube Rewards Watch Time and Sharing

Big companies are slow learners, but YouTube is helping them catch up by showing them how to engage with and grow an online viewing audience.

Streaming New Year’s Resolutions for 2014

Now that the new year is here, it's time to make plans for the twelve months ahead. Here are six goals for the betterment of the streaming media industry.

Play and Learn: Why It’s Time to Gamify Educational Video

Gamification keeps students engaged, yet it's been underused in classroom video. It needs to take a giant leap forward -- and the games need to be fun!

Industry News

INVIDI Partners with Videology to Connect Advanced TV Inventory with Major Agencies and Trading Desks

Simple.TV now shipping; plans to preview Cloud TV service at CES 2014

Simple.TV begins shipping pre-orders; announces cloud storage service for CES 2014

1 Mainstream Launches Digital TV Platform for Leading Connected Devices

Highly-Automated Solution Brings Sky Services to a potential new audience of 18M New International Users on Apple TV and Roku; App Goes Live Within Weeks from Initial Concept