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May 29, 2013

Online Video News

Tremor Files for IPO, Aims to Raise Up to $86.3M

While it's not yet profitable, the outlook is strong for Tremor, which sees big growth coming to online video advertising.

Streaming Media East: Ustream Turns Live Video Into Linear Feeds

Ustream isn't just about live video anymore. Customers like Cisco, Dell, and Sony are repurposing live events on linear channels.

April Video Rankings: Video Ads Continue to Rise

Desktop video views continue a slow decline, although viewers are watching more ads on those videos.

Featured Articles

Streaming Media East: CBS Points the Way to Multimedia Success

Clever online video program extensions and an emphasis on viewer engagement help CBS lead the way in multiplatform streaming.

Streaming Media East: Old Media Embraces the New

Old media has found that, rather than being competition, new media is a great tool for attracting viewers and extending successful properties.

Streaming Media East: UFC's DIY Approach

Handling virtually all of its video functions in-house, UFC has had to overcome challenges from data storage to minimizing turnaround times for its time-sensitive content

Streaming Media East: Cloud Video Services in the Enterprise

Security issues and scalability should weigh heavily in an enterprise's cloud partner decision-making process

Industry News

Key Holdouts Will Determine if UltraViolet Simmers or Sizzles

Crunchyroll Launches E-Commerce Platform for Simultaneous “Video Streaming and Shopping” Experience

Leader in premium content seeks to tightly integrate e-commerce with streaming video content

Elemental to Power Streamlined Video Services for IPTV Operators

Canby Telcom selects Elemental to create channel on Roku to bring subscribers new live video streaming service