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September 17, 2012

Online Video News

Zeebox Launching in U.S. this Month, Probably with Comcast

The popular U.K. second screen app is definitely coming to the United States this month. Sources say it will partner with Comcast, although the company is keeping mum.

BrightRoll Intros Real-Time Bidding for Mobile Video Ads

Ad buyers can now make real-time decisions for ads on smartphones and tablets, using the BrightRoll Exchange.

Apple Announces Taller, Thinner, Lighter iPhone 5

A wider display promises better movie playback, while battery life, color saturation, screen resolution, and performance are all improved.

Featured Articles

OTT in Latin America: Differentiation Is the Main Challenge

Price is a problem, but competition is high. A Streaming Media East session looks at the greatly different video streaming climate in Latin America.

Roku, TiVo, Epix Ask if Internet Television Is Already Broken

Limited programming, Hollywood availability windows, confusing interfaces, search hassles: can internet television be saved?

Apple TV, Roku, WD, Sony, D-Link: Battle of the $99 Set-top Boxes

Which low-cost set-top box is best? Which offers the simplest set-up, most channels, and cleanest interface? Watch this to find out.

Industry News

Enterprise and educational video innovators to chair new online video conference at Streaming Media West

The new Enterprise Video Conference, with its seven co-chairs, focuses on tested techniques and new breakthroughs in the use of online video in business and education.

Online IPTV Channels Used for Disasters and Emergency Preparedness

Towns, cities, and other governmental agencies are now using online IPTV channels to keep their citizens informed about preparedness and management during natural disasters or other emergencies.

TV Worldwide Internet TV Channel, Maritime TV, Receives Strategic Investment for New Program Development and Expansion

ALCC, Inc., Pension Plan Trust Makes Strategic Investment as Maritime TV Audience Grows Rapidly Through Summer with New Program Production, Industry Event Coverage