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June 24, 2024

Online Video News

The Monetization Story of 2024 and Beyond

For the longest time, people I've interviewed have complained about how much of the video advertising budget went to social. Now the tide is turning.

Akta's Cutting-Edge AI-Based Video Platform Continues To Innovate, Leveraging Google’s Gemini

Leading the way in video innovation, Akta's integration enriches video metadata, extracts captions, generates clip descriptions and more

Short Cuts

SMNYC 2024: Adeia's Serhad Doken Talks Big-Picture Tech Stack Sustainability

Streaming Media's Tim Siglin interviews Adeia's Serhad Doken at Streaming Media NYC. Doken discusses the company's focus on inventing solutions for future industry problems. These inventions could lead to new products, markets, and services over the next five to ten years. He also emphasizes the importance of sustainability and the need to consider it from a broader perspective rather than focusing on small silos, and he highlights the complexity of the media ecosystem and the interconnectedness of its various parts.

Industry News

Axinom Powers BeyondDutch’s Backend Modernization

Axinom, a specialist in modular video streaming backends, is enabling BeyondDutch, a niche streaming provider, to modernize its streaming infrastructure using Axinom Mosaic.

ABP Network Expands Global Presence With Amagi's Cloud-Based Streaming Technology

Amagi, a global leader in cloud-based SaaS technology for broadcast and connected TV (CTV), today announced its collaboration with ABP Network, one of India's largest media groups.