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May 06, 2024

Online Video News

SMNYC Sneak Preview: What is Premium Now Debate With 2E6E6, The Boxoffice Network, Totem Global, Team Whistle, and Quantum Media

On Monday, May 20, at Streaming Media NYC, Erica Gruen of Quantum Media Associates will be moderating a panel discussing the creation, licensing, distribution, and monetization of premium content—as well as the ROI of investing in it through one means or another, with insights from Nathan Guetta of 2E6E6, Stan Ruszkowski of The Boxoffice Network, Steve Crombie of Totem Global, and Joe Caporoso of Team Whistle.

Why You Should Embrace Sustainability (But Not For The Reason You May Think)

To really make an impact, we have to put sustainability within a context we can understand. It's hard, whether as individuals or businesses, sometimes to grasp the very huge concept of climate change and then commit to "sustainability efforts" as a way to have an impact. But when there is context, sustainability efforts can be achieved without actually trying to focus on them in particular. Within the streaming industry, that context is power.


Navigating the Streaming Seas: Paramount's Bold Moves and Future Challenges

In the ever-evolving landscape of streaming media, Paramount's Q1 earnings call revealed a complex picture with a myriad of opportunities and challenges. Amidst shifts in leadership and speculation around strategic mergers, Paramount stands at a crucial juncture. Dan Goman, Founder and CEO of Ateliere, writes discusses how their recent maneuvers will undoubtedly have major repercussions for the global streaming industry.

Industry News

NAB 2024 Show Review & the Future of Streaming

NAB 2024 Show Review & the Future of Streaming A lively NAB once again underscored that progress in media and entertainment shows no signs of slowing, with AI and cloud integration, tech innovation and personalization taking center stage.

G&L Systemhaus hosts online workshop for media professionals: Expert Insights on Processing Video CDN Logs at Scale in a Cost-Effective Way

Scheduled for May 22, 2024, this event, hosted by G&L, Paramount, Touchstream, and the Streaming Video Technology Alliance, is set to deliver essential techniques and insights for handling large-scale data challenges within the media sector.

TAG’s Realtime Media Platform Receives AWS Foundational Technical Review Badge

TAG’s Realtime Media Platform Receives AWS Foundational Technical Review Badge

How WePlay Studios is Transforming the Future of Live Event Storytelling

By 2032, the esports market is expected to grow to $9.29 billion, bolstered by a global player count and fan following that both continue to climb. The 2023 League of Legends World Championship Tournament alone drew in an audience of over 6.4 million. Con

Interra Systems Boosts Quality Assurance at 2024 Media Production & Technology Show

Interra Systems will unveil its latest product innovations at the 2024 Media Production & Technology Show (MPTS), in London from May 15 to 16, delivering high-quality assurance across the ever-evolving media landscape. Key highlights will include BATON, w