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October 30, 2023

Online Video News

Dispatches from Demuxed 2023, Part 1: Updating Ad Delivery

Demuxed 2023, which took place Oct. 24-25 in San Francisco, is the premier peer-organized and peer-approved video developer conference. There's supposed to be no marketing at the event. Although the first person I ran into was a sales rep, much of the time I spent there was listening or talking with technical contacts. The most interesting presentation for me was from Pluto.

Evan Shapiro Says “What’s Next” for the M&E Industry Is Already Here at NAB New York 2023

In his keynote address at NAB New York, media cartographer Evan Shapiro emphasized the existential threat that the M&E industry is facing. Audience consumption behaviors and business models are being disrupted. Evan used his unique way of viewing the data flowing through the media and entertainment industry's ecosystem to present a distinctive understanding of what's occurring and where things are headed.

What Your Codec Will Cost You: Robert J.L. Moore Talks Avanci Video Codec Patent Pool Launch

What is the new Avanci Video codec patent pool, who is involved with it, what codecs does it cover, and what does it mean for OTTs and other streaming content companies in terms of paying for codec usage going forward? Should the streaming industry be bracing for a sea change when it comes to codec royalties? In this interview with Streaming Learning Center's Jan Ozer and Robert J L Moore, IP attorney, they discuss these implications and more based on what we know so far.

Industry News

Bitcentral, A VIZIO Preferred Developer, Powers Audience Growth and Monetization Through its ViewNexa™ Solution

As a VIZIO Preferred Developer, Streaming Apps like SalemNOW can utilize Bitcentral’s ViewNexa™ to reach new audiences and unlock new monetization opportunities.

Zixi Available on Google Cloud MarketPlace

Zixi Broadcaster and ZEN Master now available for Live IP Streaming and Management

Signiant Joins Trusted Partner Network and Completes App and Cloud 'Gold Shield' Assessment

Signiant's TPN Gold assessment was conducted by ISE, a TPN-accredited assessor with a long track record as a respected independent third-party technology evaluator in the media industry