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August 03, 2022

Online Video News

YoloLiv Debuts YoloCast Live Streaming Service

On July 27, YoloLiv announced YoloCast, their own cloud service designed for video hosting, distribution, and monetization. This new service is separate from, and does not rely on, their portfolio of streaming hardware, the YoloBox and the Instream portable live switching tablets. YoloCast is open and can accept any RTMP or SRT source.

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The Streaming Toolbox: Tedial, Frequency Studio, Mlytics

The set of tools I'll explore in this article will help you orchestrate workflows, create FAST broadcasts, and do multi-CDN worldwide live streaming management. Using all of these tools, you could get your own channel up and running and deliver it everywhere—even in China. These set of tools were demo'd for me. In order for me to test an application, vendors need to provide dummy data, and not everyone can make it available within our editorial timeframe.


A New Era of Streaming Wars Is Here—and This Battle Is Getting Personal

Amid fierce competition, streaming services are looking to new personalization strategies to increase content engagement, tackle churn, increase advertising revenue, and encourage users to return to their apps. What new and emerging data-driven approaches should streaming services use to boost their content discovery user experience? 

The Future of Streaming Media and Entertainment

Streaming services and solutions are experiencing massive growth that is being boosted by high-bandwidth and fast networks, high-efficiency compression and cloud transcoding, and increasingly powerful devices, increasing demand for streaming content. But it also means your products and services must stand out from the crowd.