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May 30, 2022

Online Video News

Survey: The Business Value of Real-Time Streaming

Real-time streaming at global scale has long been the holy grail for live delivery, and a new Streaming Media survey looks to gain insight into both the current state of real-time streaming and where it's headed in the near future, particularly for sports and betting.

Featured Articles

Telestream COO Jon Wilson Talks Acquisition

Streaming Media Contributing Editor Jan Ozer interviews Telestream President & COO Jon Wilson about Telestream's acquisition of and its implications for Telestream and the streaming industry at large.

Is Free Ad-Supported TV (FAST) the Future?

FAST has been the big story of the last two years, but there's tension growing between streaming services and TV/OS manufacturers over who owns the viewer and how to get those viewers to the content.

Industry News

Penthera Introduces PlayAssure to Improve Video Streaming Quality and Eliminate Rebuffering for Improved Viewing

PlayAssure Builds a Real-Time, More Extensive Buffer of Video on Streaming Devices During Playback Sessions; Reduces Churn and Lost Video Sessions