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January 03, 2022

Featured Articles

Moscow State's Dr. Dmitriy Vatolin Talks Codecs and Quality

The head of the Moscow State University Graphics and Media Lab—the people behind VQMT and—offers his insights into objective and subjective metrics, as well as VMAF hacking and AV1.

Short Cuts

How Disney Streaming Uses Metrics to Improve CDN Performance

Disney Streaming's Eric Klein explains how Disney works to improve streaming performance and reliability and guarantee a top-notch end-user experience through the use through a mix of raw and inferred metrics across their range of CDN partners in this clip from Streaming Media West Connect 2021.


The Streaming Industry's Stellar 2021 Opens the Door to an Even Better 2022

We'll see even more of the innovation—both technical and cultural—that we've seen over the past year, but temper your excitement with a healthy dose of skepticism about Web3.

Industry News

LTN Global partners with Pearl TV and WHUT to power NEXTGEN TV rollout in Washington DC

LTN supports monumental public and commercial collaboration that enhances viewing experiences and fuels innovation among Howard University talent.

Plex Introduces New Interactive Advertising Platform with Dynamic Sequential Q Codes Powered by ACTV8me

Plex offers advertisers leading industry solution in planning and placing their media and shopper marketing spend to prove attribution

VlogBox partners with Ya - Alisa to attract new CTV/OTT audiences

VlogBox, a global platform for CTV app development and distribution, has announced its partnership with the million-strong subscribed Youtube channel for kids, Ya-Alisa.