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December 20, 2021

Online Video News

Interactive Video on the Rise: The State of Streaming Autumn 2021

The fourth State of Streaming Survey explored the use of ultra-low latency solutions for real-time communication and interactivity, as well as revealing significant changes in the mix of live and on-demand video delivered to viewers.

Featured Articles

Moscow State's Dr. Dmitriy Vatolin Talks Codecs and Quality

The head of the Moscow State University Graphics and Media Lab—the people behind VQMT and—offers his insights into objective and subjective metrics, as well as VMAF hacking and AV1.

Short Cuts

The Live-Streaming-at-Scale Learning Curve

Bulldog Digital Media CEO John Petrocelli discusses how the increased attention and interest in streaming haven't brought with them a comparable understanding of the learning process required to deliver live streams at scale effectively and reliably, and he outlines what it really takes in this clip from a panel at Streaming Media West Connect 2021.

Industry News

Watch Brazil Expands Reach with Kaltura Powering Its Next-Gen Streaming TV Service, Hosted on AWS

After launching its next-generation streaming TV service, Watch, powered by Kaltura and hosted on AWS, Watch Brazil has grown its user base by over 25% in the six months since launch

NextGen TV Launches in Washington, D.C.

The Howard NEXTGEN TV Broadcast Collaborative Culminates with Academic Resources and Technical Innovation to Deliver a New Generation of Digital TV Broadcast Technology to Five Local Stations

Advocado Announces $10 Million in New Capital, Led by Crescent Cove Advisors, and Appoints New Board Member 

Funding to Drive Growth & Innovation; New Board Member Brings 20 Years of Finance Experience to the Leadership Team