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For European live over-the-air (OTA) and online broadcasts, ETSI has settled on a derivative of DASH known as Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV. The intent of HbbTV is a “an open and business neutral technology platform that seamlessly combines TV services delivered via broadcast with services delivered via broadband”. This hybrid approach, backed by both government and incumbent broadcasters, was approved by ETSI in November 2012. Now known formally as ETSI TS 102 796, HbbTV is attempting to become a global standard for hybrid entertainment services. In addition to OTA and online hybrid broadcasts, HbbTV has a secondary goal of providing consumers using connected TVs and set-top boxes with Internet-only content delivery. The HbbTV specification currently stands at version 1.2.1 and leverages standards from DVB, Open IPTV Forum, MPEG, W3C, and other standards bodies.