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Dan Goman

Founder & CEO, Ateliere

Dan Goman is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ateliere Creative Technologies, a pioneering technological force that’s transforming the post-production and OTT industries with ground-breaking innovations, from digital supply chain solutions to unique, customizable video apps. As a digital trailblazer, Dan has helped media companies such as Microsoft, Lucent Technologies and AT&T Wireless advance their technology, even managing Microsoft’s entire worldwide network as a Software Developer/Network Management Specialist.

Articles for Dan Goman

Navigating the Streaming Seas: Paramount's Bold Moves and Future Challenges

In the ever-evolving landscape of streaming media, Paramount's Q1 earnings call revealed a complex picture with a myriad of opportunities and challenges. Amidst shifts in leadership and speculation around strategic mergers, Paramount stands at a crucial juncture. Dan Goman, Founder and CEO of Ateliere, writes discusses how their recent maneuvers will undoubtedly have major repercussions for the global streaming industry.

From Merger to Marvel: Why Technology Is Key for Disney to Integrate Hulu

The importance of a centralized media supply chain for streaming mergers