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Biographical Information

Joel Daly

Vice President Product Management at Telestream

310 259 5834

Joel Daly is Vice President of Product Management at Telestream. He has worked in the data, voice and video communications industry for two decades. Prior to Telestream he held leadership product management and marketing roles at BTI Systems, BigBand Networks, 3Com, Sycamore Networks and Lucent Technologies.

Articles for Joel Daly

Top Three Reasons Why Quality Monitoring is Critical for Cloud-Native OTT Streaming

With the sharp rise in cloud migration and the increasing unwillingness of viewers to tolerate video streaming quality issues, Joel Daly of Telestream outlines the top three reasons why quality monitoring is critical for cloud-native OTT streaming.

Video Quality Monitoring in the Age of Time-Shifted Viewing

Joel Daly of Telestream discusses the rise in time-shifted viewing, alerts service providers to image quality monitoring challenges, and brings them up to speed on advances in technology that help address them.