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Biographical Information

Scott Halpert

Senior Vice President, Products and Partnerships, Penthera

Scott Halpert is a tech executive with deep business development, strategy, and product experience. His career includes senior roles in start-ups and mid-size companies in the media, mobile, and ad tech software sectors. Scott has been responsible for launching new products and developing new business lines for companie such as IPONWEB, Velti, CMGi and others that have resulted in millions of dollars of revenue. His experience spans publishing, digital media, advertising technology, OTT, and CTV. As Vice President, Products and Partnerships at Penthera, Scott is responsible for the ideation, development, and commercialization of Penthera’s advertising products and heads up the company’s strategic partner initiative.

Articles for Scott Halpert

Increasing Liquidity for Streaming VOD Inventory

When one looks at the world of CTV/OTT ad buying, an odd trend emerges: There appears to be more buying against linear streaming inventory than against VOD streaming inventory. This seems odd because viewers are much more engaged with VOD titles—that is the very nature of on-demand viewing. VOD inventory should be more desirable from an advertiser's perspective, but this is not reflected in what is happening in the market.

The True Cost of Low Advertising Render Rates

On the surface, low render rates would seem to represent an annoying illustration of opportunity cost—the ads (and therefore revenue) that could have been delivered but weren't, typically because a user stops watching in the middle of the stream. However, there are more subtle and meaningful implications of low render rates that publishers need to be aware of.