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Jed Corenthal

Chief Marketing Officer, Phenix

Jed Corenthal is an experienced executive and entrepreneur, merging content with technology building companies in real-time video streaming, OTT, mobile marketing and branded emojis.  Mr. Corenthal spent 15 years in senior marketing and business development roles at SONY, the AVP and the NFL. Currently, Mr. Corenthal serves as the Chief Marketing Officer at Phenix and oversees all marketing, public relations, and social media functions as well as business development leveraging his many senior level contacts in driving new business. Mr. Corenthal also launched and spearheads the sports betting business for the company. For more information, visit

Articles for Jed Corenthal

You Can Win The Streaming Wars! The Answer Is Interactivity

Streaming services are in a fragile state with decreasing profitability and subscription numbers. Exclusive content and bundling with other services certainly help differentiate, but the key to winning the streaming wars is keeping viewers engaged through interactive features to avoid churn and to further maximize revenue. To do this properly, the technology employed must be in real-time and in sync so everyone can engage at the same time.