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Biographical Information

Shafi Mustafa

VP of Product Marketing, ElementalTV

Shafi Mustafa is the VP of Product Marketing at ElementalTV, a leading CTV advertising technology company that is powering the next generation of ad break experiences through its proprietary ELM technology and first to market vertical ad formatting. ElementalTV also provides a range of solutions to CTV stakeholders, including unique programmatic advertising via to viewers through AI-based contextual targeting and use of its proprietary SmartFrame technology to create the ultimate customized viewer experience. 

Shafi is a visionary whose unique ability to challenge the status quo and connect seemingly unrelated dots leads to next-generation thinking and opportunities. With more than 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, technologist and marketing strategist, he has both built and commercialized disruptive advertising technology platforms for innovative startups, including Savveo and OverstockAds, and on the agency side where he has headed results-driven campaigns for national brands such as Proctor & Gamble, Disney, Johnson & Johnson, Dr. Pepper, and Reebok.

He also serves as Chief Revenue Officer at Adoppler, the parent company of ElementalTV, and an innovator in CTV monetization solutions for publishers, advertisers, adtech and media startups.

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