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Srini KA

Co-Founder, Amagi

KA Srinivasan (Srini) is a technology entrepreneur with two decades of experience in building innovative products and solutions, and taking them to global markets. Srini has led Amagi to be one of the fastest growing cloud-broadcast companies in the world. Before Amagi, Srini co-founded Impulsesoft, which went on to become a market leader in wireless audio, and was later acquired by semi-conductor major SiRF. At Amagi, Srini heads global sales and marketing, responsible for Amagi’s blistering revenue growth. In his earlier roles, Srini led Amagi’s geo-targeted TV advertising in India, which eventually became one of the largest ad networks selling over a million ad secs per month. As this business transitioned into a technology licensing model, Srini took the reins of the media technology business to grow the business in global markets.

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