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Biographical Information

Kieran Kunhya

Founder and Managing Director, Open Broadcast Systems; Board of Directors, RIST Forum

Kieran Kunhya is the Founder and Managing Director of Open Broadcast Systems, a world leading broadcasting software company. He leads a team of engineers who push the boundaries forward with using software and IT equipment in a live broadcast environment. 

Under his direction, Open Broadcast Systems has worked with many leading broadcasters, facilitating both IP and IT for video contribution and in building next-generation IP facilities.

Kieran is also one of the Directors of the RIST Forum, which is striving to make the world adopt an interoperable standard, Reliable Internet Stream Transport (RIST), for transporting live video over unmanaged networks. 

Articles for Kieran Kunhya

RIST: Video Transport for Content that Matters

For broadcasters and content providers with high quality premium content that needs to be reliably delivered to audiences, RIST surpasses SRT in efficiency and reliability.