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Frank Sinton

Founder and President, Beachfront

Frank Sinton bootstrapped Beachfront from the ground up for more than 10 years, building the leading independent video monetization company for connected TV, desktop and mobile. He sold a majority stake of Beachfront to Penny Pritzker’s PSP Capital in late 2017, and he’s remained on as President through a hyper-growth period. Frank is a student of technology and engineer by trade. He’s spent much of the past year helping refine Beachfront's MVPD-side technology which plugs VOD inventory directly into the modern OTT programmatic demand-side. He also closely follows and studies blockchain applications to advertising, and recently led an integration of a blockchain DMP into Beachfront’s platform, enriching and verifying audience segments in real-time to power audience insights across Beachfront’s premium OTT inventory delivering more than 1 billion video ad impressions per month.

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