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Biographical Information

Leigh Admirand

SVP and Founding Partner at Reach3 Insights

Leigh Admirand is SVP and Founding Partner at Reach3 Insights, a full-service research consultancy that develops scalable, conversational insight solutions for global enterprises. A seasoned market research and business developer, Leigh is an expert in global quantitative and qualitative custom and online community-based research and analysis, strategic planning and account management in technology and telecom industries. Prior to Reach3, Leigh held senior leadership positions at Market Strategies International, Vision Critical, GfK and Ipsos.

Articles for Leigh Admirand

Binge No More?

Is binge-watching becoming a thing of the past? Not necessarily, but research from Reach3 Insights suggests that Netflix would be wise to follow Disney+ and Apple TV+ and embrace weekly episodes or even a hybrid approach.