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Cory Carpenter

Vice President of Product, MobiTV

Cory Carpenter is responsible for driving the prioritization, definition, and marketing of MobiTV's products. He believes that consumer products should be fun, easy and engender trust with every action. He’s very proud to be a part of such a dynamic, competent team and is humbled by the huge success of MobiTV since he joined in 2014. 

Prior to joining the tech industry in 2006, Cory set up and managed a multi-million dollar project for armor cars for key departments of the U.S. government in Cadiz, Spain, which led to a lucrative extended contract. An entrepreneur at heart, he thereafter began building companies starting out with a business model twist in the medical industry.

His long-time friends eventually convinced him to join them in a digital marketing tech venture focused on job candidate acquisition. Once tech got in his blood, he never looked back. The startup was acquired and the core group behind that company ultimately joined Pinterest while it was in its early stages in 2012.

It was there that he oversaw the redesign and re-launch of, which at the time, was the highest-profile project at the company. He also launched one of the most user-requested features, “Secret Boards”, on Android and iOS, as well as extensive experiments around how product pricing, user/board follows and various actions on pins could drive engagement.

With the value of data and design thoroughly ingrained in him, Cory brings user-centric problem solving to the forefront of MobiTV's culture. His approach is to make as many data-driven decisions as possible with deference to learning through action in the absence of data. Under his leadership, MobiTV has evolved from a mobile-only service to a modern, immersive experience across web, mobile, tablet, and TV.

He earned a BA in Economics from Brigham Young University.

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