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Ray Adensamer

Director of Marketing, NETINT Technologies

Ray Adensamer oversees product marketing and marketing communication programs at NETINT Technologies. Ray’s previous position was director of marketing at Radisys. During his career, Ray has managed technology marketing programs at two previous startups leading to acquisitions; Abatis acquired by Redback Networks, and Convedia acquired by Radisys. Ray has a B.A.Sc. in Systems Engineering from the University of Waterloo, along with an M.B.A from University of British Columbia.

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Encoding at Scale for Live Video Streaming

Many of today's live video encoding solutions require extensive compute resources, limiting the ability of live streaming business models to economically scale. This article will introduce a new real-time video encoding solution, combining the performance of System-on-Chip (SoC) encoding, with innovations from NVMe-based cloud infrastructure, which together provides an economical and high quality solution to deliver encoding at scale for live video streaming.